The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want

Francis Scott Fitzgerald



Paulina Cadoret has been fascinated by visual arts since her childhood. She developed her knowledge through academic studies of Art History and mastered her know-how while working as a destination wedding photographer all over the world. Her photography is strongly inspired by cinema and art. Paulina prides herself on her ability to capture the uniqueness of a moment through a discreet play with visual conventions. As a woman, she eagerly follows her intuition and therefore her images are timeless, full of subtle light and grace. Born Polish and married to a Frenchman, Paulina speaks Polish, English and French in her everyday life. She is generally keen on foreign languages. She loves working and socializing with English-speaking people, recently she has also taken up learning Japanese.


Ossa Cadoret


Ossa Cadoret, Paulina’s husband, is the co-founder of Paulina Cadoret Photographer brand. MSc in computer science and business at university, he is responsible for business development and relationships. He is a professional photographer with a wide range of photo projects in his portfolio. He has a knack for unconventional shots as well as for presenting one’s unique personality through gesture and surroundings. He is also an experienced webmaster, having worked as a freelance entrepreneur with various clients and businesses. He is a great enthusiast of social media, IT innovations and online solutions for business. He eagerly follows and is always up to date with new technologies in photography. He is client-oriented in business communication and more than happy to help them find or create their Photo Story.

Dorota Ziolkowska


Dorota is responsible for marketing content, copywriting and translation in our team. MA in Psychology and English Studies, she has mastered her translation and writing skills working in international law firms and commercial business. She prepares French – English or Polish – English translations and English marketing content on a daily basis as well as coordinates branding processes. She is fond of any creative and linguistic challenges.



A few years ago we took up the challenge of forging our passion for photography and visual arts into our profession. Since then, we have been accompanying couples from all corners of the world on their Big Day as well as at other romantic events. We believe in the power of the visual: not only is a good photograph an object of beauty and art, but it can also revive the most elusive and fragile experience of life. Joy, pride, desire, intimacy, affection, happiness – we aim to make it last. We excel in both digital and analog photography. We know the advantages of each method and make the best of them, following our high-end clientele’s taste and wishes. What we strive to achieve is a perfect match of highest professional standards and an individual approach to each and every initiative we take. We love to make Elegance and Happiness reign at your event and in your memories.


Lifelong Souvenir

We take great care of the quality of our services and cooperate only with renowned business partners to meet our exceptional clients’ expectations. Our artistic vision and photographic skills are accompanied by their incredible craft and up-to-date know-how. We are proud to collaborate with Richard Photo Lab in Los Angeles, who provides well-acclaimed photo printing services on the West Coast. Your lifelong souvenir - your photographs of an earthly paradise - is a piece of art to watch and admire as well as a high quality product to touch and feel.



We have worked with world-renowned brands in the photography industry such as Joy Proctor Design (California), Harold James (Paris) or Rime Arodaki. Some of our images have also been acclaimed as 
World Class Best Wedding photos by The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) and Fearless. Also, we have been featured on magazines and blogs.